What career direction is best for you?

Should you be a doctor or a typist? Why did you choose to sell books when you were good at teaching?
Doing the following career tests might help you decide which career path to follow.
This test has 10 questions, only for entertainment, not for professional reference.
Question 1/
Which way do you prefer to look for a job?
Question 2/
You send your resume to recruitment company by E-mail, but you can not respond to it. What will you do?
Question 3/
You are invited to an interview at the same time by three companies. Bur it is time limited. You have to choose one, and you will choose
Question 4/
If you are told that there are a lot of applicants for the same position, it is recommended that you choose the same treatment of other positions, you will:
Question 5/
The interviewer asks each person to do a simple activity plan, and then decide whether to hire or not, and when you plan, you inadvertently find a candidate next to you and your program is similar, at this time you will:
Question 6/
When you are dismissed from the company, think of a memorable item that falls in the drawer of the previous desk, and you will:
Question 7/
You have not found a new job for a long time, when a former boss called you back to work, you would
Question 8/
You have a part-time job at night, but the company suddenly asks for overtime at night. What are you going to do?
Question 9/
Would you choose to do part-time jobs, when you have a good job?
Question 10/
Which of the following circumstances most likely makes you to resign?
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