A famous character test.

This is a test that has been used by many big companies at the moment. It's pretty accurate.
Please answer the question according to your current life.
This test has 10 questions, only for entertainment, not for professional reference.
Question 1/
When do you feel best?
Question 2/
When you walk, you will:
Question 3/
When you are talking to people, you will
Question 4/
When you sit and rest, you will:
Question 5/
When you meet something you laugh about, your reaction is:
Question 6/
When you go to a party or social occasion, you will:
Question 7/
When you are focused on your work, but someone interrupts you, you will:
Question 8/
Which color do you like best in the following?
Question 9/
A few minutes before you fall asleep, your posture on the bed is:
Question 10/
What are you dreaming of doing?
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