Why don't you always have a good ending in your love?

Some people have chosen an emotional comfort, not ture love , but the end is a waste of emotion because of a love loss or a lonely time.
On the other hand, do not know how to manage and cherish each other, also make no good result in the end.
Love is not a game, why do you always miss your ture love? Now, let's the test tell you.
Question 1/
Do you often doubt your lover's loyalty?
Question 2/
How do you go to work?
Question 3/
What would you feel when you were going to sleep in the weekend and woke up early by the phone?
Question 4/
What kind of attitude do you have for those who are hypocritical?
Question 5/
Do you believe that fate is doomed?
Question 6/
What do you do to kill time when your weekend is boring?
Question 7/
As long as it is the person you like, will you give the initiative to love?
Question 8/
What is the frequency of your dating during love?
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