Are you too selfishness?

It is unavoidable that we have some self - conscious problems when we grow up with the care of family and friends.
Minor exclusiveness is normal psychological behavior, but if it is blind, it will have a bad influence on your communication and life.
Do your self - centered tendencies have come to the point where you need to be corrected?
Question 1/
Do you like to share your happiness with others?
Question 2/
Do you share your snacks with your friends?
Question 3/
Do you want a little brother or little sister?
Question 4/
Will you help those who need help?
Question 5/
Do you have many friends?
Question 6/
Do you help your parents do the housework?
Question 7/
When you think about things, you tend to:
Question 8/
Do you like selfish people?
Question 9/
Will you be jealous of others better than you?
Question 10/
Do you think you are important?
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